Enameling and Cloisonné

Enameling is a decorative technique in which a vitreous pigment of metallic oxide is mixed with finely powdered glass and the mixture is applied to the surface of a metal-silver or gold. Cloisonné uses metal wire to outline the design. This glass composition adheres to the metal through fusion under very high temperatures. The color of the enamel and its degree of transparency depend on the glass and the temperature at which the glass melts and coheres to the surface.

This design was born in the Byzantine period, circa the 10th Century. In this sample I combined two techniques: enameling and the cloisonné. After I finished the cloisonné, I filled the design by using the pointed brush tip to apply the red and green enamels, and then fired the piece until it became smooth and shiny, repeating the firing process a few times.