A chain is a series of rings, links, beads or discs of metal or wire, connected with each other. They have been made from earliest times in a great variety of styles and lengths, and used in jewelry for many purposes (e.g. neck chains, necklaces, breast chains, bracelets, watch chains, belts and many others). The basic units of a chain are the links that are joined by weaving. Most modern jewelry chains are machine-made, but the fine ones are hand-made with a much greater variety of designs.

Here are samples of some antique designs, such as a Roman pinched loop chain of the first century A.D. (the bracelet in the upper part of the picture). In this piece, I hammered each link at the ends to give it a three dimensional look. On the second bracelet I used a double loop-in-loop technique that was often used in ancient times in Greek, Etruscan and Roman jewelry.