Artist and Studio

I fell in love with jewelry when I was a child.  My favorite pastime was playing with my mother’s collection of jewelry and dreaming of making my own.

After moving to the United States, I studied gold and silver work at the Jewelry Art Institute in New York City, at the Silvermine School in Connecticut, and at many international workshops.  Today my studio is located on the Big Island of Hawaii.

My jewelry is entirely hand fabricated in 24K gold, 22K gold, or in fine silver.  I alloy the 22K gold following the ancient formula.
Each peace of jewelry is rolled and hammered, individually smithed, raised and formed using simple tools such as a rolling mill, hammers, files and saws.

I use traditional techniques: granulation, reppousse, filigree and chain making.  Some of my pieces are based on ancient designs.  Others are contemporary in feel and look.  My contemporary designs often incorporate organic shapes, colors and textures found in nature.

When I create my jewelry, I always keep in mind that each piece develops a special bond with its owner. It creates deep connections with special events in the life of the woman or man wearing it. Jewelry stimulates a range of emotions wider than most art forms, whether love, joy or great memories.   After all, what kind of other art is closer to the human body and spirit than jewelry?